Various drawings of spankings

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Some of these drawings are quite old and some not so old.


It seems Santa thinks she’s been more naughty than nice….



This seems like an old illustration about an inn where the waitresses get caned at Christmas time(?)


Waiting for the next round


more coming

Waiting is never any fun!


result of temper tantrum

He is not standing for any temper tantrums!


heartshaped paddle

Romantic Honeymoon Spanking


The New Year’s Resolution


Securely in Position for the Tawse


The evil, wicked tawse…..


spiderman spanks

Superman spanks too

The Phantom spanks

Super Hero Spankings****************


Home from College Early

This one is every spankee’s nightmare….

2 in corner--1 to go

2 in corner--1 to go

It looks like she doesnt want to take her turn…


razor strop

He’s taking the belt down from its hook and he looks very unhappy–looks like the late 1800″s from the clothing…


That’s all for now…I might add to the drawings later since i have a lot more



Spanking Images from the Past and Drawings

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I like the vintage pictures and drawings because they express the long history of spanking going back many years to the 1800’s.The hairstyles and clothing have changed over the decades, but the emotions of the spankee and  the dom have not.

Ad for Coffee

Was this ad just humorous ?  Or did it depict an everyday thing?


ve the spanking over-the-shoulder while shes carried upstair

Looks like fun over the shoulder! Till they get upstairs and the paddle comes out…


She Came Home Late

The bath brush with the holes looks very wicked and hes NOT a happy camper!



Old Illustration

This one is a mystery to me–maybe it depicts an old inn at Xmas time(?)


Here’s some spanking benches–First with tawse and second with birches(?)


Back from the days when they still used slide rulers…Looks like it be fun to get an F with this prof…


70’s hairdo’s ?  It looks like he’s admiring his handiwork…




I’m sure he sold a lot of hair brushes on his route


She seems not too eager to get what the other two  got…


Both these gentlemen seem very determined to deliver a sound spanking




No one’s this calm while getting the bath brush ….


Angry Scotsman Wielding a Tawse



The Phantom Spanks!


When she gets home from work.  I wonder what she did at work?


He takes the strap to both at once…


I wonder if they hid his clothes


Merry Christmas 1930’s style


Thats all for now .   Hope you liked these too ....



PolyDD–a story with illustrations

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Have you ever thought what it would be like to live in a poly DD relationship with one hoh and more than one sub? This story I wrote explores this idea.

[This story was inspired by a correspondence I had with a guy who described his PolyDD relationship on another site. It is totally imaginative.]

Poly DD
Chapter 1: A New Idea

Laura, Meg, and Mike all lived together in San Francisco in the same beautiful old two-story Victorian house. Laura was a bit plump and buxom with medium length, wavy, naturally blond hair. Meg had a slim waist and long straight brown hair that came half way down her back. Both were 30 years old and quite pretty. Mike, who was 32, was tall with blue eyes, dark hair and a short, trimmed beard . They all liked the same movies and plays and had hung around together since college days. Their friends were so used to seeing them together that they were called the three musketeers.

Only a few of their closest friends knew that they weren’t just roommates, but had an unusual relationship known as a ‘menage a trois’ where Mike took turns sleeping one week with Laura and the next week with Meg. Strangely enough, Meg and Laura, who had already been best friends when they met Mike, felt no jealousy of each other and rarely if ever quarreled with each other. In fact Mike sometimes felt a little jealous of them because they were so close emotionally.

From the beginning Mike, who was a computer wiz, had always been the most responsible of the three; but it wasn’t till they all started living together that he realized how really frustrating his housemates’ carelessness and untidiness was. Whenever Laura or Meg took out the car they all shared, they left it with an almost empty tank and usually with trash left on the floor. (Whenever he found the car left like that, Mike had a fantasy of turning them both over the hood and taking a switch to both their bottoms.)

Though Mike tried to keep the kitchen clean, it was an uphill battle with Meg and Laura having an attitude of “we’ll wash the dishes when there’s nothing left to eat on.” And the main bathroom they all three shared was usually dirty and very untidy with makeup bottles, lingerie, hairbrushes and used tissues left all over the countertops.

Mike had one large room to himself which they called his “mancave” where he kept his new hi-def flatscreen TV and a wardrobe for his clothing. Everything in this room was kept very clean, uncluttered and orderly, in contrast to the rest of the house..Sometimes Laura would say “I know I really should be neater but its hard for me–Im just a free spirit, I guess…” Meg didnt even bother making excuses since she was hardly aware of any problem –her old apartment had been far worse and before that her doting parents had spoiled her and let her keep her bedroom in a terrible mess. Mike hated living like this but he realized that, with his demanding fulltime job, he couldnt keep the big house clean and orderly all by himself.

In addition to her untidiness, Meg had a bad problem with getting to her appointments or anywhere else on time. Many times Laura would cook a beautiful gourmet dinner for them and Meg would show up half an hour late-because she was upstairs on the computer or talking on the phone. Or in the restaurant they’d be sipping their drinks fore an hour, waiting for Meg to show so they could finally order. She had even lost a very good management position due to her habit of staying up too late and thus not getting to work on time in the morning.

Mike, who had the larger salary of the three, paid the mortgage, gas and electric; while the young women bought all the food and paid for their own clothing and other needs. Although Mike loved both his “wives” dearly, he had gotten frustrated with their careless, immature behavior. All his nagging and polite requests were futile, and he was ready to try something new.

Since the three enjoyed erotic spanking and sometimes even went to spanking parties together for D/s play, Mike decided to introduce the idea of Domestic Discipline to the others. Both women thought DD would be helpful with their problems and agreed to the contract that Mike created. In this contract all the rules were spelled out in detail and Mike, as the HOH, would do all the disciplining. Since Meg and Laura were used to Mike “scolding” and having a somewhat parental role in their relationship, this “inequality” seemed quite natural and even desirable to them. Also, after so many years together, both Meg and Laura trusted Mike and were willing to grant him this power to help their relationship.

In the first week of the new regime there were many changes. New rules were discussed. Charts had been made up and posted on the kitchen wall assigning chores to all three equally. There were no physical punishments for Mike, but he agreed to pay $100 toward a vacation in Hawaii if he should ever fail to do his assigned chores. Knowing Mike, the neat freak, they doubted this would ever happen.

Meg and Laura very soon learned what the consequences for them were if the rules were broken or if the assigned chores were not completed properly. They were both called in on Friday night to view the new plastic erasable message board. On it, Mike had written both names and each time a failure to do her assigned chores or a breaking of the rules occurred, the number next to each one’s name increased. Laura had a 12 next to her name and Meg had a 20 !
They saw three pillows piled up in the middle of the coffee table.”Laura, take your pants down and bend over this coffee table with your tummy on the pillows, and your hands and elbows flat on the table.” ” Meg, you take your jeans and panties off too and stand over there facing the wall.”

The two women each did as they were told. Then Mike proceeded to explain the necessity for them to pull their own weight in cleaning up the house and how, though he had seen some effort this first week, he was not at all satisfied with it. Then he picked up the paddle with the 6 hoIes and said”Laura, I love you and I love your cooking, but I’ve really had it with trying to keep this place clean all by myself. You’ve not done what we agreed to, so you’ve earned yourself twelve swats. I want to hear you count out the number after each stroke followed by the word sir. If your elbows come up off the table, we start over from one.”

Then Mike started in smacking Laura’s ample bare bottom. Laura, who was used to erotic hand spanking where she could say a safeword to make it stop, found these smacks much harder and more painful, and cried aloud at each crack of the paddle. Slowly but steadily her snow-white bottom turned a bright pink; and after #6 she could stand it no longer–she lifted herself up on her hands and pushed herself off the table. Mike stopped and patiently lifted her back up on the pillows. Then, as promised, he started all over again from one. This time, even though Laura yelped and cried, she gripped the edge of the table for dear life, not wanting this horrid ordeal to continue endlessly.

Meanwhile, Meg, with her face to the wall, was unable to see what was going on; but she could hear the flat smacking sound of the wood paddle and the cries of her friend. At the sound of each smack, she dreaded when her own turn would come– particularly since she had twenty to endure. Finally, she heard one last resounding smack and heard Laura yell out “Ooowww! Twelve, sir”

“Now, Laura,” said Mike sternly, “I hope you’ve learned something from this about doing your chores, because I promise you if there’s any marks next to your name next week, your final number will be doubled.” Then he rubbed cooling lotion on her red bottom and sent her to the kitchen to complete the chores she had neglected doing.

“Meg, please come over here and stand in front of me.”
Most of Meg’s marks had come from her being late for things or missing her new weekday bedtime of 11 o’clock. So Mike gave her a totally different lecture, emphasizing how rude it was to keep others waiting and how important to get enough sleep. He then sat down on the armless chair and pulled her over his lap with her round rump raised up and paddled her with the round leather paddle as he lectured her. With each word, he smacked her bottom soundly.
Finally, after spelling out the word p-u-n-c-t-u-a-l-i-t-y, he let her off his lap and she danced around rubbing her reddened cheeks.

“Now, Meg, bend over the pillows. Your getting ten with the hard paddle now. I want you to say the number followed by sir after each smack, understand?”
“And what happens if your elbows come up off the table?”
“We start over, sir”
Like Laura, Meg yelped and howled and kicked and pleaded for Mike to stop. One time she even reached back in desperation to grab at the paddle and she, too, had to start all over from one. By the time she was done, Meg was sobbing and crying uncontrollably like a small girl.

Afterwards, Mike hugged Meg and kissed away her tears and smoothed back her lovely long hair, telling her how much he loved her.

“Now Meg,” he said,”you may keep your lights on till twelve since its a weekend. But I want you to remember what I told Laura. Next Friday it will be double the amount with the 6 hole paddle for each mark you earn next to your name. And that’ll be after the session over my knee. Now off to bed, Lady!”

Though she obeyed, inside, Meg was still angry and still needed time to process the fact that, for the first time in her life, she would not get away with lame excuses for her rude, irresponsible behavior. Being Dad’s beautiful little girl and the high school prom queen wasnt going to matter anymore. She was going to have to behave like a responsible adult or find herself bare-bottomed over the coffee table every week howling and struggling to hold still as Mike applied the oak paddle. She was glad now for this time to herself away from Mike to compose herself and to stop crying.

Since it was his week with Laura, Mike brought the lotion with him into Laura’s room where she was waiting for him face down on the bed, and he was soon soothing her larger, but equally red, bottom with it. Then he spanked her playfully with his hand. She jumped away saying “No Mike! I’m too sore now for that!” Laughing, Mike quickly removed his clothes and pulled Laura down onto the bed with him. Soon neither one was thinking about chores at all …

Part2  “Laura’s Surprise”

It was the second month of the new DD regime and Laura and Meg had finally become reliable about following the rules and doing their share of the housekeeping chores.

Meg, for her part, was much better at getting to bed by 11 and, with Laura’s helpful reminding, making most of her appointments on time. Her job was going much better than before since she was there on time and not relying on five cups of expresso to keep going all day. She had even been promoted to assistant manager. The frequent evening “meltdowns” she used to have with her housemates were a thing of the past.

The house still wasnt perfect, but the chores were getting done on time and with Mike’s “help” they had both learned to do them properly.To get this far, they had each had to make some major behavior changes and to endure many smacks with the 6 holed paddle(which Mike called the Tail Blazer) as each took her turn bent over the coffee table in the weekly discipline sessions .
Although he was very pleased with the state of their home, Mike steadfastly kept up their weekly spanking sessions, knowing that old fashioned discipline was needed to maintain their gains.
This week it was Laura’s turn to clean the kitchen which included running the dishwasher, sweeping and putting away all the dishes by 8 pm. Therefore she cleared the table, put all the uneaten food away, loaded the washer, & turned it on . Then she carefully swept the floor and wiped down all the marble countertops and sink. this she did expertly and efficiently.

“Im not really a bad housekeeper at all ” she thought . “This kitchen looks beautiful.” She was quite proud that for the first time there were no marks next to her name at all on the plastic record board this week. “Mike will be so surprised” she thought.

Then she carefully unloaded the dishwaher, put each dish away, rinsed out the sponge, folded up the towels and left to go to her bedroom to do some work on her computer.

Before she knew it it was 9pm and time for the weekly Friday discipline session. Laura came down stairs faced the wall as was the required routine. Unable to watch, she listened while Mike in a low even voice lectured Meg for missing her dental appointment, for for staying up too late on a week day, and for not filling the gas tank up when she returned the car.

“You’ve improved your punctuality a lot, Meg– but you have some ways to go. You know you’re to be in bed by 11– not be up till 2 am on your computer. Since you tried to lie about that you earned an extra 5 swats for dishonesty.”
“As for running the car on empty, you know better by now. That’s not just annoying for Laura and I, but dangerous for you if you should run out of gas on the highway. We agreed that would cost 5 marks. So with missing your dental appt. thats 9 marks you have here and these are all repeats so what does that mean for your bottom, Miss?

“I get it d-d-doubled. Eighteen, sir.” said Meg miserably. She was so used to the weekly routine, she didnt need to be told to lower her jeans and panties and to take her position– bent over the coffee table on her knees and forearms.

Over the Table

“Okay Meg you know the rules. I want you to count them out loud. Elbows come up and we start over from one. Understand?”

Laura, still face to the wall, listened to the familiar sounds of poor Meg getting her licking-the steady sharp cracks of the Tail Blazer paddle , the yelps, the counting, and the piteous pleading. At each crack Laura felt her bottom tighten up, in sympathy with her friend. But this time Laura didnt have any of the usual dismal butterflies of dread in her stomach–she had a clean slate –Mike would be so happy.

Finally the sounds of the paddling stopped. “Now Meg go over there and kneel on that chair with your nose to the wall and hands on your head till I say you can go to your room. I want you to think on how you made things much worse & earned 5 extra with your lying. ”

Ordinarily Meg would have started begging & sobbing at getting this added punishment,which she hated, but tonight she remained silent.

“Now, Laura come over here , please, and bend over the table for your 6 swats” said Mike sternly, as he tapped the Tail Blazer slowly against his thigh.

Laura was flabbergasted. “6 swats?! NO WAY! F*ck you , Mike! ” The expletive came out of Laura’s mouth before she could stop it.. “My name was clear this time. What did I do wrong? I’m not bending over the table till you tell me what I did wrong!!”

“Well, here’s what it is, Laura. Tonight it seems there are dishes left out on the dining room table. Thats 1. There’s food left out and not put away . Thats 2 . And the floor’s not swept. I found lots of little pieces of paper scattered all over the floor . thats 3 . We double that and you get 6. And now you’ve earned yourself 5 extra for disrespectful language, Miss. Get those panties down cause all together you’ve earned yourself eleven swats plus a good dose of cornertime, young lady”

“No way, Mike! I did clean everything tonight! You can’t spank me . Its not fair! Show me what your talking about!” Laura protested loudly. Mike noticed that she was so angry her face had turned as crimson as Meg’s bottom was.

“Very well, Laura, If you follow me into to the dining room I’ll show you.” said Mike, his mouth twitching as he fought to keep from smiling. “Meg, Pull up your pants. You can come out of the corner now.”

So the two girls followed Mike into the dining room. Laura stopped at the threshold, amazed at what she saw.

On the table was a huge vase of red roses and three wine glasses full of champagne, and dishes and forks set out for three. In the middle of the table was a fancy display of iced pettit fors and eclairs from the bakery. And by Laura’s chair was a box of the type of dark chocolates she liked best!
All over the floor and table were strewn hundreds of pieces of brightly colored confetti.
A big sign said “Congratulations, Laura!”
Laura was quite overcome with emotion and began to laugh and cry at the same time. “Mike I hate you. You totally fooled me! How did you do all this in an hour? It’s beautiful”

“Well , actually I had a little help” said Mike laughing at Laura’s reaction and glancing at Meg. Then Meg took up a big handful of confetti and showered her housemate with it.
“Hey lets all sit down now and have toast to the world’s best chef and housekeeper!.” he said “Oh shit! I’m on for morning cleanup so I guess I’ll be the one sweeping up all this confetti tomorrow, huh?.”
Laura laughed as she pictured Mike meticulously sweeping up each piece of confetti.”Mike you deserve that– and a spanking too for playing me like that.”

“Better watch it, Lor! I’m still the HOH here and dont think I’ve forgotten that “F**K You Mike” either.’ Said Mike, smiling playfully and giving Laura a sound smack on her bottom.

And that was the big downside of the PolyDD ‘menage a trois’ arrangement. Because, although Laura was now very turned on, it was Meg’s week to be with Mike so it appeared Laura would just have to wait her turn. This hurt Laura who was a spontaneous person. She loved Mike dearly & didnt like to have to parse her emotions out week on/ week off.
Meg was awake in her bedroom. Mike had made love to her in his usual fashion starting with Meg giving head and ending with doggie style over the pillows; and now he was sleeping peacefully beside her . She could hear her friend softly crying in the next room and Meg was deeply saddened herself.

Part 3 The Conclusion
The next morning Meg packed her things and said she was going home to her parents until she found an apartment of her own. She told Mike and Laura that she’d thought it over and the 3 way thing was no longer working for her; and that she had to find her own man that she could have all to herself.

Laura and Mike were surprised and at first tried to talk her out of it. But eventually they accepted Meg’s decision graciously and they all three remained close friends.
A year later, Mike and Laura got married; and Mike never returned to having two “wives”. He decided that being the HOH to one woman was more than enough for him.

Eventually Meg met a new guy named Jackson at work and they fell in love. Unfortunately, by this time Meg had returned to her old ways of staying up too late and acting spoiled and immature. Therefore it wasn’t long before Meg’s new fiance was going to Mike to find out about Domestic Discipline and how he could “help” Meg behave more responsibly. Mike was quite willing to help Jackson out and even gave him a brand new Tail Blazer for an early wedding present.

The End

by lana


Caning past and present

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For a long time the cane was on my list of hard limits.  Too scary.  But as time went by, we experimented with it for play and my hoh became more confident about using it, and  i found it was no worse than many other implements–just different.  He still drapes a velour blanket around my back and hips to prevent wrap-arounds and does not leave too many welts but lots of red marks.

There have been rattan (and bamboo) for many years.  and more recently lexan. Now there is new type called the Delrin that is thinner, very whippy and really stings.  For me, the thing isnt the initial pain but the way the sting builds up and the deep feel of it.

Some of these old images remind me of canings i’ve had–before, during, or after…

I like the spats hes wearing…

Over the chair arm–my most common position too

Bathroom caning

Over the stool and keeping hold of the bottom rung…

Old print.  Think he’s standing too close for this to work…

Waiting  for more?

Maybe from the 30’s?

Caned after the party…

The Cane Dance

Cane dance w older lady

Caned with the apples

Thats all for now but will post some others later…



My First Effort: Vintage Spanking Images (mainly M/F)

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I am trying to make a new blog of vintage spanking drawings and photos.  So this is the opening attempt.



Ow I hate this position and getting smacked on the thighs!

Love this old 70’s spanking with  the dreamy guy & his long hair

Thats all for now, but i have a huge collection of these and will will post more later…


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