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Non-sexual punishments?

PostPosted: Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:51 am
by SilverBlaze
Hi guys! *waves*

Okay, I'm gonna be honest straight up front, okay? I'm doing research for a D/s fanfiction that I'm writing, but I've never had the pleasure of having a Dom myself. :( So I'm winging a fair bit. Anyway, the story-slave really messed up, and I need some good punishments for him, but non-sexual, as I have to keep the rating below NC-17, you know?

So far, I have kneeling on uncooked rice for a bit, and a cold, cold shower, and isolation for 24 hours. (Any of the three of these would make me meek and timid in moments. The thought of them have me gulping!!)

How long is too long for the shower? Some sites say no more than 5 minutes; I found a poster on another forum saying she'd been put in for an hour. Same with the rice. Is a half-hour too short of a time frame for a stubborn slave? Is it effective to have them walk around for a few minutes, and then have to resume kneeling?

I plan on having him 'break' partway through his isolation... I don't want torture, just punishment here. I would like to think a truly good Master would understand that a slave has hit a limit, and allow the rest of the punishment to go unfilled if the slave was obviously truly and utterly remorseful, like in this case. There's a line between punishment and torture, or am I overthinking this?

As always, I am most grateful for any and all guidance, advice and direction that anyone is willing to give. :)

Thank you so much for your time, and thank you in advance for any answers. :bunny:

Re: Non-sexual punishments?

PostPosted: Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:10 pm
by lana
Ive gotten a few non-spanking punishments and 24 hrs of isolation/ cornertime would be waaaaay too long. If its strict cornertime with no talking or diversions allowed, i think 15 minutes is about my max and 30+ minutes is over my hard limits.

If by "isolation" (which is a term ive never heard used in DD), you really mean grounding from going shopping or leaving the house then over 24 hrs or even a number of days seems okay depending on the crime..

I think that long of kneeling on rice or peas (30+ minutes) would also be way too long. IMO no cornertime that involves kneeling should go on more than ten minutes.

As for calling it off in the middle, the dom should hopefully know his sub well enough to NOT impose anything that long or tortuous, so no begging would be necessary. But yes, if there were any physical or mental problems, my hoh would call it off or give me a break period, because he trusts me not to call an emergency if there wasnt one.

Ive never had to do it but i personally would regard any form of freezing cold shower or kneeling for a long time in a cold tub as beyond my own hard limits. Dont know but Id think anything more than 30 minutes would possibly cause hypothermia.

Other secondary punishments:
Writing lines
writing essays
loss of computer and/or TV privileges
loss of driving privileges
application of ben gay or Capsican--being VERY careful-to butt
Forms of cornertime that are mildly uncomfortable like holding a cane behind your knees.
having to do extra chores--sometimes these are tedious chores.
Having to hold a bar of soap in the mouth :soap:
early bedtime

We have a DD relationship (not master/slave) but some of the punishments i get are D/s in nature i suppose. The punishments are designed as an addition to the spanking for deterrence -- some boredom or discomfort or mild embarrassment--but not torture. Many people also use secondary punishments when they are not able to spank due to late pregnancy or health issues or because of a LDR.
I have often gotten ct and i really dislike it.

lana 0:)

Re: Non-sexual punishments?

PostPosted: Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:31 pm
by lana
When i answered ur question i mistakenly read it as asking about non-spanking punishments. Not sure what a "nonsexual punishment" is. (?)
I do of course get spanked (w his hand, wood and lexan paddle, leather strap, loopy& cane) which is by far the most common kind of punishment i get.

Re: Non-sexual punishments?

PostPosted: Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:54 pm
by Mucker
God I dunno about this. I mean, I'm probably the most inexperienced member of this group but I find it hard to see you selling this story as suitable for---have I got this right?? you can spank me if I haven't!!---age 17 and younger? Anyway, others are far more competent to advise than I am but just from personal experience of trying to get stuff published, publishers tend to be difficult people at the best of times. Tho if going up on a website or blog, then different story.
Sorry if totally unhelpful!

Re: Non-sexual punishments?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:32 pm
by PrttyinPnk
OK....I have a few questions....

Sounds like your story is more in the bdsm realm....and IMO this forum isn't about bdsm. It's about loving relationships involving discipline.
Also, is it possible to write a story about bdsm (or TTWD) that would rate a lower rating than NC17? It may not involve actual sex, but (bear with me, having difficulty formulating thoughts) there is certainly a sexual vibe to TTWD? I mean, its rather impossible for it to NOT be sexual in some ways. There have even been posts by people on this board discussing how a punishment situation somehow ended up being sexual.....thats happened to me. I guess what I mean is, you can take the physical act of sex out of it, but its still....sexual. I don't think it would rate less than a NC17 anyway. I guess I can't wrap my head around you writing a story about adults, involving a master/slave relationship that is available to youth....are you writing a book for adults, but maybe you're a little leery about writing erotica? Maybe you're trying to write a book that is for adults only, but not necessarily erotica?

That said, my suggestions are: cross dressing, distributing video of the slave being disciplined, and again, if you research bdsm (which I think is what you're going for) there are things like pony play and i don't know, I've heard about putting slaves in cages. lol. This isn't my realm. I'm pretty much just spanked and scolded. Occasionally I get things like lines and corner today I'm grounded from video games (I keep sleeping all day and playing video games all day and not getting anything done). But for the most part, I just get spanked. And to me, that can only be ethically a consentual act between adults.

Re: Non-sexual punishments?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:43 pm
by artlover
"I mean, its rather impossible for it to NOT be sexual in some ways."

I recognize the idea that there is always a sexual component is pretty controversial on some sites and may not jibe with everyone's experience on this one. But it certainly rings true for me. For me, ttwd is in and of itself highly erotic. It is a particularly striking (ouch, pun not intended) form of submission, and submission, from a top perspective, is erotic. Add to that the sheer political incorrectness of it. A relationship involving real discipline is much more "taboo" in this day and age than just about any form of "play" bdsm one could engage in, especially if it is a woman who is the bottom.

Re: Non-sexual punishments?

PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 1:23 am
by JigsawAnalogy
If I understand movie ratings correctly, NC-17 is a stronger rating than R, so I could see it being possible for a discipline related story to fit under that category.

My personal advice about *writing* is to just go ahead and write, and then share it with people and be open to editing it when you're done. Imagine what would work for you, and write about that. It's like playing make believe, just with words instead of with your dolls. :cheesy: It's fiction, and many of us find things appealing in fiction that don't work at *all* in real life.

Re: Non-sexual punishments?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:21 pm
by Eayore
For me, an example of a non-sexual punishment is when I am caught by a speed camera and I get a letter in the post saying if I don't contest the prosecution I can have 3 points on my licence and pay a fine of 70 pounds.

SilverBlaze, I appreciate your honesty but I'm afraid I can't think how to advise you. I looked up the meaning of NC17 and discovered it is the new term for what used to be called X - i.e. it is what Mucker said, not suitable for anyone under 18 years of age. Therefore, the rest of your post just does not make sense to me personally at all. Not sure if this is just because of 'who I am', but truthfully I struggle with the concept of writing a D/s story today (with or without any kind of punishment) which could not be construed as having a 'sexual' element. Punishments such as cold showers or kneeling on rice would only make this worse, in my opinion.

Sorry I can't be any more helpful than that.