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Re: Too much?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2011 11:41 pm
by lana
Eayore wrote:I would agree it is complex! I am not sure I can truly distinguish what is sexually arousing me in this situation.

I find standing in the corner to be a turn on in itself. Actually there have been times when it wasn't; these are rare, and I think they are almost always to do with being very tired and/or under the influence of alcohol at the time. Then I find corner time is boring and a bit of a torture to me.

I believe one of the "special" things about it is that, once I am there, it is not my decision when I can come out of the corner. Somehow, this has a powerful physical effect on me whenever I think about it. BUT in practically every other circumstance that I can think of, if it is not for punishment then the mere thought of being out of control of what I do and where I am is not nice for me AT ALL. So perhaps it is the combination of being punished and not feeling in control that turns me on. If it means that I am missing something I wanted to watch, or something I wanted to do, there is an extra sexual charge added; I think this is because it makes the punishment more 'meaningful' - harder to pretend that I don't care.

I also think that standing in the corner is particularly meaningful for me because it is undeniably and in a way 'publically' happening exclusively for punishment. It is not at all public, of course, in the sense of doing it where complete strangers can see; but it is public in the sense that the people "in the know" - i.e. P and me, have a constant reminder of what is going on.

Okay I can see where you're coming from . A very short ct has this effect for me but when it comes to over 5 or 10 minutes or missing my favorite show, that would quickly lose all its turn-on appeal and come too close to pure torture cause I'd be going bananas.
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