We're ALL bottoms on Yom Kippur...

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We're ALL bottoms on Yom Kippur...

Postby W-Jigsaw'sBoss » Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:43 am

So, in thinking about atoning for one's sins on Yom Kippur, the Jewish holy day beginning today at sundown and continuing till tmw at sundown, I came across this and started thinking on it.

From a website called Judaism 101:

There are two basic parts of this confession: Ashamnu, a shorter, more general list (we have been treasonable, we have been aggressive, we have been slanderous...), and Al Cheit, a longer and more specific list (for the sin we sinned before you forcibly or willingly, and for the sin we sinned before you by acting callously...) Frequent petitions for forgiveness are interspersed in these prayers. There's also a catch-all confession: "Forgive us the breach of positive commands and negative commands, whether or not they involve an act, whether or not they are known to us."

One of the parts of the service is when all the sins on the list are chanted, and there is a symbolic beating of the breast. Definitely DD in spirit, and I am sure there's a kinky Jewish group out there that does spankings to this particular service. I know there's a kinky Seder every year for passover, but that's different.

I was also thinking it'd be interesting to have DD folks of the Jewish persuasion (or is that Jews of the DD persuasion?) write the list out as lines. I think I might actually LIKE to do that today. That's totally in the spirit of the day, and if I have to help my friend move tomorrow instead of go to synagogue, this might be a good self punishment.

See? I can even top myself!!!
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