New mentor and upcoming punishment

Yeah. Sometimes, you just want to tell other people about the punishment you got (or gave). Come here for commiseration, or as a way to process through your experiences.

New mentor and upcoming punishment

Postby mickey » Mon Apr 14, 2008 8:43 pm

So, I've talked with someone in my neck of the woods who does some mentoring and spanking to help people to improve behaviors and such. I'm not sure if working with him is ultimately what I want to do long-term, but I think he's safe enough and knows enough about setting boundaries and requiring communication and inflicting punishments that this can at least work short-term to help me out of the funk I've been in of late.

We set up some rules a few days ago -- Bedtime and wake up time, making my appointments, that kind of thing -- And, I don't know -- somehow or another, the things I was supposed to get done didn't get done. Yikes!

So he's none too happy about this, and is requiring me to write, in hopes that all the inside personalities will get it, that I AM getting punished on Thursday. (I don't know why, but we can easily break rules and somehow NOT make the connection that we will ACTUALLY get punished!) He is doing pretty standard stuff, I think -- 3 separate spankings broken up by corner time in between each one. He's making me do the corner time bare bottomed -- yikes. I wonder if that's a common thing here, the corner time being bare?

ANYWAY -- that's my confession. :roll:
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