walkin away hurt....me or him?

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walkin away hurt....me or him?

Postby rebelchild » Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:29 pm

So, right now, i hurt! But, not on the backside, my knee! So this is what happened....
J and I were pretty much fine all day. then I had the bright idea of telling him something not so smart that I decided to do. Well, he told me I was going to be punished, he just didnt know how yet. I was ok with this as long as it did not involve pain....yeah right. Well, he started with his hand at first, and I was okay with that. I thought that was all he was gonna do, uhh no. So, he reaches over me to reach for that stupid hated bamboo, and then he falls off the bed and lands on the floor. I was laughing! I couldn't help it! I was like it serves you right! (Just joking completely) but he did not like that at all. So, me, being the brat I am decided to run while I had the chance. So, after about thirty seconds, J dragged me back into the room and told me to get on the bed. I felt VERY defiant today. I was not about to listen, and I really didn't care at the time. That's the problem with me, I know he won't do much about it and we even talked about it today, and I told him how I wanted things to be different. Oh well. Well anyway, I gave him a look of 'F**** you' and he popped me in my face, which i came up with as something that would work. and I hate it soooo much! lol. Well, for some odd reason, I decided I was going to be smart and push him away. He just walked out of the room and I knew I had gone too far. After a bit more struggling, I finally came to take my punishment. Feeling actually bad that I had hurt him. Well, then he basically fell on my knee on accident, and now it hurts!! The punishment didn't even leave me in tears. I definitely didn't get all I deserved. But today, I will let that go, because I have to concentrate on walking first. :help:
So, tonight, I will go to bed with Ice on my knee and J with ice on his foot. So who got it worse? I think we are done for today.
And I will be good! I have DEFINITELY been horrible lately! and i'm so glad J will put up with it!
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