[BLOG]: I can't even remember

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[BLOG]: I can't even remember

Postby JigsawAnalogy » Wed Nov 03, 2010 10:42 am

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I can't remember what it was that I wanted to write in a blog post, a month or two ago when I realized that the blogs weren't working. Of course, I have other blogs, so there's no real reason that I couldn't have posted there. Not that I did....

But I got it working, so I figured I would make a celebratory little post. I haven't been blogging much lately. Some of that is because I've been sick more often than not, and what energy I have has been taken up with the routine stupid things that don't take much energy for a healthy person, but suck up far too much energy for a person who isn't.

Some of it is that W and I have been going through kind of a difficult time with TTWD this year. What's that about? It's hard. I guess part of what is going on is that we've been trying to shift things into a different shape, and it's been taking time. For all that I talk about trying to avoid using phrases like "topping from the bottom," our previous versions of TTWD left me pretty much in control of what was happening, which is pretty much me topping from the bottom, you know? I mean, if the only thing that makes it possible for W to establish authority is me acting out in specific ways, and her responding in ways that I've told her to respond, I'm not so sure that she's really in control. So I asked her to take charge of the dynamic, and that's been hard to figure out.

I guess some of this is that she's not naturally a very bossy person. And there are also things like the fact that she has also been sick and exhausted, which means she hasn't got much energy for discipline (or, really, much of anything). And just life... life tends to take up a whole lot of energy these days.

Only slightly unrelated musing: I've come to the conclusion that both of us have been feeling crummy because our apartment has a really bad energy flow. I mean, yes, there are other factors involved like both of us having chronic health issues, but the energy flow of the apartment can't be helping matters, not one bit. Also, the sheer amount of pollution we're breathing in can't help, either. But some of this is about psychic energy, and the fact that everything we try to do here is about fifteen times as hard as it should be because of the layout of the apartment, combined with the feeling of being cramped and trapped. Well, it's just not so good, is all. The good part is, we're planning on moving sometime soon, so hopefully, some of these problems will be resolved when we are in a space that's more conducive to living.

So. That's a post, mostly to demonstrate that the interface is working again. I will be trying to write more.  You should write, too! :D

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