Getting him started?

Whether we call it "domestic discipline" or "rules" or "structure" or just "getting our needs met." This is a spot for those meta discussions about what it is that we do.

Re: Getting him started?

Postby artlover » Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:15 pm

JigsawAnalogy wrote:I also decided that it was important to me to come across as just as much of a spanko as I am. I'd had a relationship where I only discovered after we broke up that the other person was also kinky, and I regretted the lost opportunities.

I have felt something similar. Looking back at the woman with whom I had my most serious relationship before getting together with my wife, I realize now (I was completely clueless at the time) that she would have probably loved a TTWD relationship. The clues stick out like beacons in hindsight. I was just too inexperienced to see it. I have kicked myself many times about that since, believe me.

As for the OP, you sound like you are off to a very good start with this man, IMO.
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