TTWD is dead...

Perhaps your household works without a structure. Go you. The rest of us mortals need to figure out how this thing works. This is a spot for talking about how we create the structure of our various domestic arrangements.

Re: TTWD is dead...

Postby Nat » Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:32 am

I can see how that would work for a top who's unsure, W. For us, I think Liz prefers not to have very many rules because, as Meg said, the vagueness allows her flexibility. If she feels the need to be more strict, or thinks I “need” a spanking, or even is just in a mood or having one of those days, she doesn’t have to wait for me to break a rule or decide whether I’ve broken one. She can just decide that my behavior warrants a punishment, and act appropriately. And, as JA said, I can’t rely on getting away with something just because I didn’t technically violate the rule. That uncertainty, meaning I do need to obey the spirit of what Liz thinks is good behavior, seems to work well for both of us.
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