Two homes, one relationship

Perhaps your household works without a structure. Go you. The rest of us mortals need to figure out how this thing works. This is a spot for talking about how we create the structure of our various domestic arrangements.

Re: Two homes, one relationship

Postby splorange » Mon May 07, 2012 3:55 pm

You are so right. It's impossible to force someone to do something they're not ready for. It's frustrating when you feel you know so much what you need, but it can't be forthcoming - but ultimately it will be better if it comes from him, when he decides to do it for you. So many of us are broken souls in our own way, and my boyfriend is no different. I've tried to make him talk about his life and his past (I know the outlines of it, but he proffers details one at a time, separated by months and months). I feel he's better to talk, but he doesn't and even if I'm right, I'm sure my pushing him to do it will make things worse. So ultimately, you just wait. It must be so hard, and you're terribly brave. But you will be stronger for doing it, and it's going to come together, in the end.

Blackbird is just lovely. There's one living near me who sings in the evenings - I love that sound so much. They're altos, like me :). A splorange is a made up word that rhymes with orange, because nothing else does. It's a particular type of 4 line poem that has to be funny, satirical or sadistic. Though, I'm not sure that's a real-life thing or if it was all contained with in a summer course I did once - but if it goes mainstream all the better! So, not as personal as yours, but I do love the word and I'm pretty satirical. Not sadistic though. Because I'm the sub in my relationship.... :llama:

Best of luck to you blackbird.
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