Kind of frustrated

Perhaps your household works without a structure. Go you. The rest of us mortals need to figure out how this thing works. This is a spot for talking about how we create the structure of our various domestic arrangements.

Re: Kind of frustrated

Postby JigsawAnalogy » Tue Dec 15, 2009 10:10 am

I also agree it is hard for us bottoms because we're not doing this deliberately. We think we know what we want but find out we don't know. Darn!

i think it goes into the difference between "want" and "need." i might not *want* a lot of the rules and consequences, but deep down, i know i *need* them. but i need them like i need, i dunno, to take medicine. i don't enjoy taking medicine. i'd skip it if i could, and i'd far rather not need it, thank you.

so i gripe about taking it (in either sense of "taking my medicine" come to think of it), but it doesn't mean it's a bad idea, just that we don't always enjoy things we need to do.
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